4. Methodology

We will be doing a literature review about 3x3 rubik's cube. This will help us decide what information we want in our final video presentation as well as what should be excluded. From these review, we can identify the areas where maths is linked to solving a rubik's cube.

  • Propose to draw out a diagram of the interior of a rubik’s cube. To show how the pieces move and slide over each other. This is essential to understand as how the pieces move limit the way the cube can be permutated. Eg. Not being able to rotate diagonal so must be substituted with a few moves horizontally or vertically.
  • Have a video showing how the whole process is done at once. As the video is our main source of information, everything ranging from the relations to maths and the theories, hands on activity  will all be covered there.

  • There will also be a blog to consolidate our findings and research