2. Research

Problem Statement

Our research is about how mathematics solve a 3 x 3 rubiks cube. When we say solve a cube, we mean organising all the same colors of the cubes on each face without any exceptions. (See photo gallery or model for example) A rubik’s cube has 6 faces and is made up of 27 interconnected smaller cubes. How do you solve something with some many(43 quintillion) possible permutations? No matter how you turn it which way you turn it or how many times you turn it, it does not seem to be any closer to solving it. Is there a secret behind it? Is it something to do with how the cube is designed or how the mechanics so amazingly put each piece in its place? Or is maths the simple solution? We are about to find out.

Further Research

We decided to go further and rather than just studying the 3x3 rubiks cube, we take a quick look at the 3x3 cube in relation to the 4x4 cube.